Overview of Programs

our difference. weight loss with a degree of difference. a medical dgree.At The Center for Medical Weight Loss, a medical provider will work to customize a weight-loss program just for you. Our patients can choose from one of three programs, which may include a medically-supervised food plan, appetite management, lifestyle and motivational coaching and science-based activity recommendations.

Each new patient starts with an initial consultation, which includes:

  • A body composition scale analysis, which provides information on weight, body composition, and projected weight loss under the various programs,
  • A discussion with a medical provider about your weight loss goals, your current physical condition, medical history and medications, and which CMWL program(s) would be most appropriate for you,
  • If you decide to join one of the weight loss programs, a physical exam.

The price of this initial consultation is $49, and you are under no obligation to sign-up for a weight loss program.

The three medically-supervised programs offered at The Center for Medical Weight Loss are:

Low Calorie Diet: This program is a high-nutrition calorie-controlled plan that your medical provider can prescribe for you and that we will monitor closely through weekly follow-up visits to our practice. This program includes meal-replacement products – shakes, protein bars, and soups – available from our practice that will enable you to reduce your caloric intake to 800 calories a day. The Low Calorie Diet, or LCD, will result in the fastest weight loss and your weekly follow-visits will include coaching and recommendations to help you maintain your new weight over time.

Modified Low Calorie Diet: The modified plan is similar to the LCD (described above) but is adjusted to include a calorie-specific lunch or dinner that may include your favorite foods. This program may be better suited to some patients that the LCD, and includes visits to our practice every other week.

Appetite Suppressant: Some of our patients may prefer starting with an appetite suppressant prescribed and monitored by one of our medical providers. If this is your preferred program, the physical exam included in your initial consultation will be done to make sure this is safe for your physical condition, and follow-visits will be scheduled to monitor the effectiveness of this program. For the convenience of our patients, we can dispense our prescription appetite-suppressants here at our office. (We can also add appetite suppressants to either the LCD or Modified LCD programs to help with your success.)

All our programs include a review of your current medications to determine any adjustments that may be necessary to assist with your weight loss program or for reduced weight or caloric intake.

Please call us at 505.988.8005 to schedule your initial consultation.